An Interview with Amy Smith

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at an entrepreneur program that we both attend. After meeting with her briefly and talking about her business, I knew I had to get on her TYE.

In need of some inspo? Have a read about Amy’s incredible entrepreneurial journey to date.


What is your business (include name) and when did you start?

My business is called Aligned Tribe and I started in September. I help business owners align their sales process to their ideal customers so they can focus more on building relationships and less on having to ‘sell.’


What inspired you to start your business?

 My mum runs her own business too and despite having plenty of work through her network and referrals, she knew in order to grow her business she would have to learn how to sell. The thought of that was pretty daunting to her as she admits, sales wasn’t really ‘her thing.’


I started hearing similar themes from business owners I know who were always asking me to meet them for coffee to help with their sales systems and staffing issues, as they knew my background in sales and Human Resources. I loved helping them figure out unique solutions that worked for them and their business and eventually just ran out of excuses why I shouldn’t start doing this fulltime!

 What makes you so unique?

 I’ve always done things that probably wouldn’t be considered ‘normal’ for my age.

I started my first business when I was just 12, so it’s fair to say I’ve always had entrepreneurial tendencies! I used to sew bags out of scrap material that my family donated to me and sold them at my Aunties shop.


Having a family that truly backs you to live a life that most others think is crazy definitely helps. My family actually were the ones telling me to quit my corporate job and start my own business way before I felt I was ‘ready’ to take the leap.


I have always set big goals for myself and have to admit that I have a higher level of impatience than most! I always laughed at work when my colleagues said ‘if you want shit to get done, just give it to Amy.’


In terms of my business, after over 1000 sales calls in my career working across Australia, Canada and the UK, I realised there was a better way to sell.


There is so much ‘stuff’ out there on sales but a lot of it just didn’t feel genuine to me. I wanted to take a different approach, so created Aligned Tribe as a way to connect business owners to sales strategies that feel authentic to their own selling style and business.

 How do you handle the naysayers?

 I would love to say that I totally have it all together with this but that wouldn’t be true. Honestly, trying to ignore other peoples negative opinions can be really difficult at times. I just try to always prioritise taking action towards my goals rather than worrying about what others may think.


I manage it by trusting in my intuition, staying centred and surrounding myself with inspirational people. I always have my head buried in an entrepreneurial book or listen to podcasts like Tim Ferris (love him!) and meditate to clear my head.


 What is your vision of your business?

 My vision is to empower people to make a bigger impact in their business and live a life aligned to their desires.

What is a tip that you would give to a young person thinking about starting a business, but not sure how to start?

 Find someone that inspires you that has already achieved the results you want to achieve and go and learn the steps they took to get there. I’ve worked with very accomplished executives who still seek great mentors to help them grow their business and themselves. No matter what stage you’re at, I believe good mentoring is key.


Where can we contact you?

 You can visit or come join the tribe on


Instagram: @alignedtribe

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amazing story and perspective from Amy.

    I really resonate with how she uses her intuition to guide her past the Naysayers as I myself can struggle at times.

    I am very inspired by her journey and can relate 🙂


    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Brandon. We can’t wait to watch her story unfold.


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