An Interview with Mia Plecic

Some people get into business for financial freedom and money. For Mia, she got into business to find happiness and self-fulfilment. Now owning 6 companies, Mia’s desire to help people has allowed her to create multiple successful companies.

What is your business (include name) and when did you start?

 To date I’ve founded and owned 6 companies. My first being Pearly Whites Australia, one of the first in home teeth whitening kits on the market. I founded that company back in 2015.

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always been so interested in business. I’m quite a creative person, so for me growing up the idea of being able to create any business I wanted to, nurture it and create an income from that was so attractive in my eyes.
I believe you’re born an entrepreneur, it’s in your blood. You generally have a desire to wanting to help people and be the fixer of problems. That’s me!

How do you handle the naysayers?

Easy! I don’t listen to them! I used to but I soon realised that they were simply putting doubt and fear in my mind and fear is the destroyer of any success. I use to care so much about what people would say that I stopped listening to my gut feelings and my intuition.

How do you balance everything? What are your top tips?

 Well, I’m lucky enough to have a personal assistant that helps me keep on track. We have a big white board that lists all my currently projects so it’s in front of me. I’m a very visual person (which I think most entrepreneurs are!) so for me the only way I can balance my busy schedule is to have it written down. My days start early and my days end late. I always remember to put my health first because without a healthy mind and body we can’t have a positive outlook on life. And without a positive outlook on life, it’s not easy to run a successful company (or 4!)

Where do you envision yourself in the next 5 years? How do you plan to do this?

I’ve learnt that my biggest goal, always is happiness. Yes, financial freedom is the result every business owner wants, however happiness and fulfilment is key, which I am grateful I feel now. Waking up each morning with a full heart and a vision that makes you so motivated to execute all your dreams is, to me, the definition of success.

I hope to be doing more speaking opportunities around the world and inspiring more and more people to step outside of their comfort zones and make their dreams a reality.

What has been a challenge you’ve had to overcome that has shaped you and your business?

In business, everyday is a challenge. But I’ve learnt to embrace challenges. One needs to be courageous enough to start a business in the first place, so for me the challenges are opportunities to grow and become better.

I have overcome a lot of set backs in business so far, losing companies from bad investor decisions and having to start over again. But again, I’m grateful for the challenges, because of them I have grown stronger, more resilient and smarter in business. The set backs were temporary and I never let them define me, instead that allowed me to gain more credibility from my ever growing following on social media across the world.

Who inspires you? Why?

It may sound cheesy, but I’ve learn to be inspired by myself. I never used to think I was worthy of what I have achieved, but over time I’ve begun to realise that what I have achieved in life thus far is admirable and I should be proud.

Of course, I have inspirations such as Oprah Winfrey, Janine Allis, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins.

What has been the biggest tip you have received off someone that has stuck with you?

Believe in yourself, your gut knows best. There’s no right or wrong, there’s no rule book. Follow what you believe is right and learn as you go. The universe has a plan for you, just go with the flow and know everything happens for a reason.

What is a tip that you would give to a young person thinking about starting a business, but not sure how to start?

If the thought of running your own business excites you then go for it! Don’t let anybody tell you to do anything that doesn’t fuel your soul. Don’t let your exam score determine your future. Have a goal, write it down, fail and get back up and never ever give up. What you want in your life is achievable all you need to do is believe in it and believe in you.

What are your top 3 biggest lessons you have learnt in your business?

  1. Also trust your intuition, it is always right,
  2. Be a leader not a follower.
  3. Educate, educate, educate. Never stop learning and growing. Read books, listen to podcasts, network. It’s the only way your business will ever grow.

 What is a podcast you can recommend?

 I have recently started publishing my own weekly podcasts, called The Mia Plecic Show where I talk all things Business, health and lifestyle.

I also love Tony Robbins Podcast too.

If you could meet an inspirational leader, who would that be? Why?

 That’s a tough one! Either Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins. Two incredible human beings who have impacted my life so much. Both of them fuel my soul with so much wisdom and inspiration. Both of them have influenced me and my success so much and I believe an element of who I am today has risen from their inspiration.

What was one of the first goals you smashed in your business?

When I first started business my biggest goal was to make my first million dollars. When I achieved that I soon realised that money was never really the goal. Although I like money, ha ha, fulfilment and purpose as well as making a difference was really what it was all about, and still is.

What would you say to your younger self?

For sure I’d tell myself that everything will work out and you’ll be fine. I’d tell myself that I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am loved and I am happy.

Our inner evil girl is so cruel to us when we’re teenagers, I wish I could reverse that and show myself more love. But I’m grateful I’ve grown to adopt those qualities as I get older.

Where can we contact you?


I am very active on Social Media and share a lot of my business journey and life on there.

You can follow my journey on Instagram @miaplecic & @thestartupceo

You can also listen to my daily Snap Chats where I talk a lot about business: thestartupceo

Or for any future media or interviews I’m contactable at

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