Catching up with Amy Smith

So it’s been a while since we interviewed Amy Smith, but we’re so excited to bring to you an update of whats been going with her since her last interview. Like i’ve mentioned previously, I know Amy through an entrepreneur development community we both go to  and I’ve been able to witness her flourish to the incredible business owner she is.

In need of some inspo? Have a read about Amy’s incredible entrepreneurial journey to date.


What is your business (include name) and when did you start?

My business is called Aligned Tribe and I ‘officially’ started in September 2017. Through my career coaching and online programs I help young ambitious professionals to accelerate their careers.


What inspired you to start your business?

I was actually made redundant from my human resources role when working for a large organisation when I was 24 years old. Before that, I honestly had only ever thought about redundancy as something that happens when you were near retirement, where you received a massive payout and it was happy days! The reality was not the case and as I supported over 250 of my fellow colleagues through that transition period it became so apparent to me just how much of an impact our work has on our entire life.


In my next role, I ended up working with some incredible CEO’s of companies circa $5Mil-$100Mil, where I was working ‘behind the scenes’ supporting them to build their own portfolio careers in the executive coaching space.


So, after feeling completely lost and uncertain about the future of my career, to then working with some incredibly experienced executives that had accomplished so much in their careers, it really spurred me on to wanting to help others to take charge of their own careers, push the boundaries and help them get the financial freedom, fun and flexibility in their work (and life) that they want.


I had people in my network asking me for career advice a lot, as they knew my background in recruitment and Human Resources and I loved helping them figure out their next career moves, so eventually I just ran out of excuses why I shouldn’t go out on my own!


 What makes you so unique?

I’ve always done things that others probably wouldn’t consider as ‘normal’ for my age.

I started my first business when I was just 12 and was a qualified personal trainer by age 15.

By age 23 I’d been working across Canada, the UK and Australia in jobs that most people told me were impossible to get for my age and level of experience.

Having a family that truly backs you to live a life that most others think is crazy and supporting me when I set ridiculously big goals for myself definitely helps. They were actually the ones telling me to quit my corporate job and start my own business way before I felt I was even ‘ready’ to take the leap!


In terms of my the work I do now, there is so much ‘stuff’ out there on careers but a lot of it just feels outdated to me. It doesn’t match the fast paced, flexible and different way we work today. I’m naturally an impatient person, so I guess my way of doing things in my career to date probably reflects that! I always laughed at work when my colleagues said ‘if you want shit to get done, just give it to Amy.’



How do you handle the naysayers?

Honestly, trying to ignore other people’s negative opinions can be really difficult at times. I’m just really conscious now about not investing any energy into worrying about what other people think. I just try to always prioritise taking action towards my goals, trust my intuition and aim to surround myself with only people with good vibes only! I also always have my head buried in an inspirational entrepreneurial book or am listening to podcasts like Tim Ferris (love him!) and meditate to clear my head and keep me moving forward.


 What is your vision of your business?

My vision is to empower young ambitious professionals to create their ultimate career on their terms.


What is a tip that you would give to a young person thinking about starting a business, but not sure how to start?

Find someone that inspires you that has already achieved the results you want to achieve and go and learn the steps they took to get there. It’s a never ending learning curve, so leveraging off other people’s experience is crucial. Also, don’t be afraid of pivoting and changing as you go. I’ve pivoted my direction a few times in only a short space of time in the beginning and know that the business I’m in now will most likely look different down the track as I learn, test and keep growing along the way.


Where can we contact you?

You can reach me at or visit

Also on social you can…


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