Meet Tara Jane from TJ Swim

From Chrissy Teigen and Jen Atkins, TJ Swim has become a global swimwear line that is loved by hundreds of women all over the world. Tara Jane, the founder and designer of the iconic brand, has had a chat with us about her journey of creating her swimwear line as she starts getting ready to dominate Miami week in the next coming weeks.

  1. How did you start up journey begin?

I had been working in the fashion e-commerce industry for quite a while before I realised that it was something that I could be doing myself. After realising that I had an actual obsession with swimwear by having more bikinis in my wardrobe than clothes I thought it would only make sense to start a swimwear label.

My journey began in my parent’s laundry where I officially launched TJ SWIM in December 2015. For my first year in business I packed all the online orders and answered emails from the laundry until finally upgrading to my parent’s granny flat.


  1. What inspired you to create your own swim wear range?

Firstly, I had realised that I had more bikinis in my wardrobe than clothes. I also struggled to find high-quality, seamless, high-cut bikinis with Brazilian coverage that would last longer than one season so with my industry knowledge and experience I thought I would start designing my own swimsuits and launched TJ SWIM .


  1. How are the designs created and made?

Each month we sit down and have a week dedicated to designing where we experiment with different ideas, shapes and cuts. We keep pinterest mood boards that we’re constantly adding to which we can refer to when we’re looking for inspiration.


  1. How did you market TJ SWIM ?

Online through social media influencers and facebook advertising.


  1. What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt so far?

To take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and not to second guess a gut feeling.


  1. What has been one of the biggest accomplishments so far?

Being invited to Miami Swim Week 2018 is by far our biggest accomplishment!


  1. What makes TJ Swim different to every other swim wear shop?

Each TJ SWIM suit is delicately hand made with premium quality fabrics to ensure a unique standard of sophistication. TJ SWIM is known for it’s fashion forward bikinis and swimsuits that cater to all body shapes and sizes, empowering women from all around the globe to look and feel their absolute best.


  1. Where do you see TJ Swim in the next 5 years?

In 5 years hopefully TJ SWIM will have 10+ employees with our suits stocked in numerous online and offline stores. Hopefully we will have dominated the US market and be entering the UK & European markets.


  1. What is your biggest advice for young entrepreneurs looking to get into the fashion industry?

My advice is to get as much experience as possible working within the industry. It’s important to not only embrace your creative instinct but to also have a business mindset.

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